Bond cleaning – adds value to your home

Bond or end of lease cleaning isn’t just meant for renters to get their money back – if you are a home owner you can impress buyers and strike a deal. The design of your home is a big factor when it comes to selling – but even the best home won’t fetch your top dollar if it isn’t clean. The days of just finding an agent and waiting for your house to sell are gone, you need to ensure your home is the cleanest it can be. You can visit cleaning estimate site to get an idea of how much a professional cleaning is going to cost you.

But what is so special about bond cleaning?

Your house will get an in-depth clean throughout your entire house – and a squeaky-clean house will impress any potential buyer.

The benefits of having a bond clean are:

  • If you are selling an empty/vacant house it’s so easy for potential buyers to be able to scrutinize EVERYTHING – you need a perfectly clean house which includes marks cleaned from walls and scuff marks removed from floors.
  • The house to be bond cleaned is a furnished home – you can choose from a range of services from a basic clean to a deep clean so you can present a home to buyers that looks like new.
  • It doesn’t matter if your house is furnished or not cleaners will focus on the floors, carpets, spider webs and any moveable furniture that needs to be cleaned.
  • Cleaners save you time, they will categories the different areas in your house – like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and clean each room in the house in a defined way, our staff will do a deep clean. It doesn’t matter how tough a stain is – all they will leave behind is a perfectly clean surface.
  • Cleaners are a cost-effective way to clean, rates vary with the type of job required. Empty houses usually cost less than a full house.

Professional cleaners take the fear out of cleaning. For those who have expensive items they are worried will be broken – #1 all the cleaners know how to handle these items and #2 – if a breakage does occur, they are often fully insured – your home is in safe hands. So contact any professional cleaning service and inquire about end of tenancy cleaning prices which will surely help you in making an informed decision.