Five different types of stickers + some awesome examples

Five different types of stickers + some awesome examples

Are you in the market for some custom stickers? Maybe you need them for a new product you’re launching or an event you’re running in the New Year. Whatever your need for custom stickers, we are here to help educate you all about them.

We plan on doing this by taking you through the five key types of stickers and labels and explaining the differences.

There are many ways of printing stickers and lots of different types. This means it can be confusing which ones you may need, so we hope this guide will help you.

What’s the difference between stickers and labels?

The short answer is nothing.

Both are sticky-backed pieces of plastic or paper, usually with an image printed on them. However, we typically refer to stickers when they’re cut as singles, and we use the term labels when they’re on sheets or rolls. 

The image below helps to explain the difference. 

So, let’s move on to sticker type number one. 

Die-cut stickers

A die-cut sticker is simply the name given to a sticker cut in a custom shape, usually around the image or artwork.

The image below shows an example of a cool die-cut sticker. 

Die cut stickers are great for handouts at events or selling stickers to your customers.

They are not the best option if you’re applying hundreds or thousands of stickers yourself and will go into this in more detail later. 

Kiss cut stickers

A kiss cut sticker is similar to a die-cut sticker, which is ultimately cut as singles. However, a kiss cut sticker is only cut through the top layer, not through the paper backing. 

This leaves a protective border around the edge of your sticker and makes them easy to peel.

Here is an excellent example of a kiss cut sticker:

Special effect stickers

Stickers come in a whole range of different effects, and these can be used to create some beautiful designs and enhance the artwork.

The options are nearly endless and range from; chrome, mirror gold, holographic, glitter, fluorescent, and many others.

The image below shows a couple of different options so you can see how awesome these effects can be. 

Sheet labels

Earlier, we touched on the difference between stickers and labels and here we will talk about a type of label known as sheet labels.

Sheet labels are as they sound. They are labels found on a sheet, usually A4 or A5 in size. 

Here is an example:

Labels on sheets are perfect for applying hundreds or thousands of them in-house, for example, to your product or packaging.

The advantage of labels on sheets is that they’re easy to distribute and store and quicker to peel and apply than on rolls. 

Labels on rolls

Labels on rolls are the best option for really high volumes. We’re talking tens or hundreds of thousands of labels per order.

Labels on rolls are used when machines apply the label, for example, in a large bottling plant.

Here is an example of some labels on a roll:


We hope these five different examples of stickers and labels have shown you what is possible and have also helped inform you on what you may need to buy next.

At first, it may seem straightforward that you just need some stickers, but spending some time getting the decision right can save you hours and a lot of money down the road. There’s plenty more information here if you need it on the different types of custom stickers available.

If you have any questions about these five different example stickers, please leave them in the comments below, and we will do our best to help.